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As a Chinese teacher at a private school, I love to see how much my students, friends, and colleagues enjoy Chinese food, especially Chinese dumplings. Dumplings are an important part of Chinese culture and a common meal. We make them for special holidays such as Chinese New Year and other festivals when the family gathers. Dumplings are also a common meal at home and at restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I have noticed that some American use the same name (dumplings) for different types of Chinese food, although the Chinese have different names for different kinds of dumplings. There are three main kind of dumplings: jiaozi 饺子,shumai烧卖,and buns 包子. The stuffing inside all three kinds of dumplings is widely variable and can be purely meat, meat combined with vegetables, or a combination of vegetables. Tofu, glutinous rice, red beans, purple yam, taro and other authentic traditional ingredients are also added to make our diet healthier. The taste can be savory or sweet. You can enhance our family recipe with a chili dipping sauce of your preferred flavor. You will be never tire of Chinese dumplings because in addition to the wide variety of flavors, there are different ways of cooking them (pan fry, steam, boil, or make dumpling soup). I am passionate about bringing the popular Chinese food to the American dining table. Most importantly, we use the locally grown resources from farmers’ markets. While we have authentic Chinese food, we are also supporting local farmers.

Home: About

Learn & Share

We taste culture through food. We connect to each other by learning and sharing. Here, we provide a great opportunity for children and families to get together and make Chinese dumplings, eat the dumplings, sing karaoke, and be a family together. We love to hear your stories about Chinese food, watch you enjoy the food that you made with your own hands, and be inspired by Chinese culture, language, and food.

Home: About
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