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We provide a great opportunity for children and families to get together and make Chinese dumplings, eat the dumplings, sing karaoke, and be a family together. We love to hear your stories about Chinese food, watch you enjoy the food that you made with your own hands, and be inspired by Chinese culture, language, and food.


Taste & Share

We taste culture through food.

Learn & Connect

We connect to each other by learning.

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Listen & Tell

We exchange stories and appreciate each other.

Dumpling Class

Sauce for Chinese dumplings

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Friends ask me about the sauce for Chinese dumplings. The dumplings’ filling is itself flavorful and savory. You can enjoy them without any dipping sauce, like my kids do. My husband likes to eat them with Thai Sweet Chili sauce and I like light soy sauce. Some Chinese love to eat them with Chinese vinegar (black, not white like Western vinegar). Yes! Chinese like to eat vinegar. We use “eat vinegar” to imply...

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