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Dumplings 饺子

(饺子jiǎozi) Dumplings represent happiness and celebration and are typically served on Chinese New Year’s, which occurs during the Spring Festival. The shape of these dumpling is similar to ancient gold or silver ingots, and they symbolize wealth. Traditionally, the members of a family get together to make dumplings on New Year’s Eve. They may hide a coin in one of the dumplings. The person who finds the coin (it is believed) will likely have good fortune in the New Year. These dumplings are also prepared for other Chinese holidays or festivals, and they are part of the Chinese culture or traditions. Usually when you have Chinese dumpling for dinner or lunch, you will not have to cook anything else: the dumplings themselves are good enough for dinner. Steamed or boiled dumplings are a mainstay of the diet in China. We provide easy-to-do pan-fried (call 锅贴guōtiē) and microwave cooking instruction when you purchase a package of dumplings to help the dumplings taste fresh and look delicious.
Our hand-make Chinese dumplings using products from locally sourced farmers. The ingredients are seasonal and fresh. To keep our dumplings fresh and delicious, dumpling types and fillings are rotated depending on the availability of farmers’ resources.

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