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 steamed buns 包子

(包子)Bāo zi, known as steamed buns or filled buns, were my favorite breakfast every morning in China. Having a hot baozi in my hand on the way to school or work warmed up my day. My chubby and delicious baozi from my parents made my friends jealous. When we were young, my parents often asked us to bring a plate of baozi to share with our neighbors. I have dreamed many times in the morning to have some baozi for breakfast. After many times trials, consultations, and practice, I’m proud that my baozi are really different (and I think superior) than store bought baozi. We offer two main types of baozi. One is the Shanghai-style pan fried baozi (生煎包 shengjianbao) with a home-made style chicken broth and meat. The juicy and crispy taste is satisfying. The second style is the steam-based bun; the fillings are traditional, healthy, and vary from savory to sweet, from vegetarian to meat.

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