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Spring Rolls春卷

(春卷chūjuăn)Spring rolls  are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in mainland China, hence the name. Eating spring rolls is a way to welcome the arrival of spring. The golden cylinder-shaped rolls represent gold bars — which symbolize wealth. The history of spring rolls stretches more than a thousand years from the early Qing dynasty. They were not only well-liked by common folk, but were also famous in the palace. They were served with a variety of sauces, baked and salted meats, various fried dishes, spinach, chives, beansprouts, bean vermicelli, and eggs. Different regions have developed different styles of spring roll. Our spring rolls include a Hong Kong style that combines fresh bean sprouts and pork, and a vegetarian variety. To keep spring rolls healthy, you don’t have to deep fry them. Pan fry with 2-3 tbsp olive oil until golden brown and serve when they are hot. You will love this delightful crunchy popular snack.

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