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Peanuts 花生米


Peanuts fried, steamed, boiled, in soup, ground in food or desserts, cooked with the shell or without the shell, all varieties a very common and popular snack or ingredient in Chinese food. Two to three friends sit at the corner of an alley, play cards, and chat as the sun sets with a cup of tea, beer, or liquor and a bowl of fried peanuts. It feels like the chatting and joy will never end. Deep-fried peanuts are often brought to the table before a meal as an appetizer in Chinese restaurants. They are also a common side dish at a family meal. Our traditional peanuts deep fried in a wok are unforgettable and addictive. The cooking method is simple, but the timing and temperature are difficult to handle at home. We make five spice boiled peanuts in the shell when seasonal resource are available. Hope this great finger food brings you joy.

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